2x15“ Sub

  • passive
  • H= 475 mm, B= 932 mm, T= 600 mm
  • 65 kg

The passive sub with 2 x 15 „chassis,espacially in combination with the LABAMP IV, is a real powerful companion for our high - performance loudspeakers out of the array league, or for the point sources that we have designed for the" large sound systems ". Due to the use of high - strength long - stroke chassis, the  size of the sub can be quite compact, which does not step back from comparison with much more powerful products which are partly equipped with much larger chassis. The LABSUB twofiffteen p also follows our philosophy of flexibility: We do not use a so - called "cardioid version" with an additional chassis; we, as with our other sub 's, follow the consistent path of the professional arrangement, can be adapted to any event. (Chassis spacing for cardioid, hypercardioid, or endfire applications)

LABSUB twofifteen p