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It is always the passion which gives birth to philosophies and ultimately products to meet the highest professional standards. With us it is the passion for sound. For the sound of instruments, voices, compositions, harmonies and, at the end of the day, to complete works of art in the entertainment industry. Each of the participants brings in this passion, does its part in the implementation of total solutions for indespensable requirements of the modern market for sound transducer technology.

Certainly: In nuances, the many market participants differ among themselves, but we all only want to achieve  the placement of our products, adapted to the benefit of the customer, that the right product in the right place does its job.

We have consistently focused on products that are state-of-the-art in every respect. Always the customer in focus, the user on site and his professional application environment. The latest state of the art also counts for us: Do all signal components arrive at the recipient at the same time? Yes. Does a modern sound transducer for professional applications have to match the size of similarly powerful systems from the 80s of the last century? No. Is there less on-site equipment today, often more, because transportation, deployment and handling are no longer as complex as in the past? Yes, absolutely. Does a modern professional loudspeaker system controlled by mostly digital components have to be able to faithfully reproduce analogue instruments or voices close to the original? Better than ever before.

With our product portfolio, we were able to answer these questions confidently. There is the passion again. In development, in production, in customer approach and ultimately in customer service.

The fact, that WestLab audio products are not in the lower price segment of the market for a purpose as described above, is probably clear to the reader of these lines. We manufacture in Germany, most of the suppliers of our brand are located in Europe, we need the highest manufacturing quality and maximum quality control in order to be able to meet the demands we place on ourselves.

This is already appreciated by clients from the artist scene, from system integration and from the wide field of entertainment. From leading universities to national artists and international musicians, to state operas, our brand's products have been able to convince us all over the world. We are proud of that. If you, dear prospective customer, decide for our brand, professionals from all camps have already made the decision making and the related work ...