8“ Coax Top

  • full active
  • Directivity 100° x 100°
  • Max SPL (peak) 127 db
  • multi purpose function
  • h= 390 mm, b= 260 mm, d= 258 mm
  • 10 kg

The full - active version of the LABRAT eight uses the tried and tested WestLab A module with an IIR - dsp and an 1 KW Class - D - amplifier integrated. As in the passive variant, the 8 "- Coax chassis in this carcasse shows a near - field performance that is unmatched in this class of size of a loudspeaker. As with all speakers of WestLab - Audio GmbH, a phase - free alignment of the product as a ideal result was achieved. As an approach,it shows, that in highly fluctuated environments, the LABRAT eight is precisely the companion of auditoriums who want to enjoy events at an adequate volume, but do not want to be disturbed by the reproduced sound. The five client - specific programs, the LABRAT eight can be operated with, are selectable via a pushbutton on the rear panel. The LABRAT eight can also be operated via a pushbutton on the rear panel as a medium high-frequency satellite by means of a high-pass, if driven in combination with one or more subwoofers.

Datasheet LABRAT 8

LABRAT eight