12“/1,5“ TOP

  • Directivity 60° x 40° (horizontal / vertical)
  • multi purpose shape
  • h= 672 mm, b= 416 mm, t= 366 mm
  • 27 kg

If business and events increase, more sound pressure is needed, guarded by excellent speech intelligibility and best decay during dispersion of music. Our consistent linear- phasic design of the system-chains by WestLab Audio is generating such a sonority, that listeners feel the clear presence of the music, without loosing their acoustic connection to there surrounding. If there´s the need for high sound pressure, the LABTOP twelve can fulfill this requrement so impressive, that most of the times the numbers of loudspeakers is underestimated in relation to the generated sound pressure.

If it comes to a combination with LABSUB – items, the parameter of performance increase exorbitant. As used also in the LABRAT – series, the „twelvetwo“ -body is multipurposed shaped and due to this, useable as a monitor, or out-, front- or stagefills. In this area of  ability, where the LABTOP twelvetwo  is acting, we follow the philosophy, that those full active sources would be only driven by LABCON or LABCON pro.

LABTOP twelvetwo p