12“/1,5“ MF, 1“ HF

  • full active
  • Directivity 60° x 40° (horizontal / vertical)
  • Max SPL (peak) 138 db
  • external DSP
  • multi purpose shape
  • h= 672 mm, b= 416 mm, t= 366 mm
  • 27,5 kg

The WestLab Audio Point source – flagship. With three internal powered active modules, the LABTOP twelvethree is one of the most powerful 12“ - Tops in the entire market. With this item, WestLab Audio is touching the limits of technical possibilities without leaving the path of longlasting reliability. Former known items this type were known as „High-end HiFi, the loud ones“. This approach is reached by using adequate coefficients of our LABCON and consistent phase-linear design. Compromises don´t fit to the style of WestLab anyway...

LABTOP twelvethree