• full active
  • Directivity 90° x 50° (horizontal / vertical)
  • Max SPL (peak) 123 db
  • h= 368 mm, b= 226 mm, t= 229 mm
  • 8 kg

This one with a 1“ horn, placed over a 6,5“ midbass – chassis as the smallest item of the LABTOP – series is the loudspeaker for sound – connoisseurs. Two internal active modules and curren supplies, driven by F.I.R.- capable LABCON int. - DSP makes this LABTOP so assertive, usually expected from loudspeakers with „bigger bodys“... The internal LABCON int. makes the handling as easy, as expected by professionals. In company with our LABSUB – series, the LABTOP sixfive is the ideal compagnion for rental – companys or musicians, driving small hlgh - quality – events. With this, those guys are able to distinguish thereselfes.

LABTOP sixfive