2x15“ Sub

  • full active
  • Max SPL (peak) 139 db
  • external DSP
  • h= 475 mm, b= 932 mm, t= 600 mm
  • 67 kg

Two 15“ - chassis are driven by two big active modules inside, lifting this sub despite the size of it´s body up in the sphere of the „big sub´s“. The size , as a matter of fact, follows our philosophy of compact design. Other sub´s, using much bigger bodys and chassis don´t reach even the half of the sound pressure and the assertiveness, our twofifteen performs. Just to show an example: The previous passive sub version of this item, was used at the „Mayday“  - event in Dortmund. At this venue, packed with 18.000 people, just 30 pieces of the previous version were able to cover the frequence range between 40Hz and 120 Hz. Underneath these frequencies another infra – sub, designed by Christopher Speth, our head of research&developement, was working.

LABSUB twofifteen