The LABSTREAK not only has the title "Line loudspeaker", in fact it behaves that way. The sheer arrangement of the transducers and the resulting beam angles make it a top-class loudspeaker when certain areas of large halls - churches, theaters, philharmonic or even rooms that were originally designed for speech intelligibility at the top - when there were no sound converters available in the meaning of modern sense. Providing sound to such rooms has always been a challenge for planners, because there is very little hardware that does what advertising promises. This is exactly where the LABSTREAK comes in: Extremely precise radiation variants that help to avoid the excitation of peripheral secondary sources, e.g. cathedral antique ceiling constructions and / or hard baffles in the immediate vicinity of auditoriums. The LABSTREAK is the ideal solution for "listening situations" when high-resolution sources or tightly arranged live productions with a quantitative vertical variant are to be transmitted. The data sheet, which naturally applies when our LABAMP IV and LABCON drive this outstanding sound transducer, speaks an outstanding language.