12“ Coax Top

  • full active
  • Directivity 90° x 90°
  • Max SPL (peak) 136 db
  • multi purpose function
  • h= 476 mm, b= 362 mm, t= 308 mm
  • 21,5 kg

The LABRAT twelve is a multitalent. Loud, powerful, crystal clear and in its performance class one of the most compact coax tops on the market. Uncompromisingly linear-phase design and always in the forefront in comparison to much larger tops. As a stage monitor, it has mastered gigs by Meshuggah bravely, it is permanently on tour with musicians, it is the best in combination with our LABSUB products in clubs, at events and becomes a real pro - tool for the discerning audience and our professional clients.

Datasheet LABRAT 12

LABRAT twelve