6“ Coax Top

  • passive
  • Directivity 90° x 90°
  • Max SPL (peak) 117 db
  • h= 325 mm, b= 216 mm, d= 220 mm
  • 6,5 kg

Ultra – compact loudspeaker with a high – performance attitude. Made for Installations, where high decay and phase-linear response over all frequencys is required. The neodymnium – driven 6“ chassis can generate high sound pressure, so that will be the right choice for gastronomical situations, even in emergency – cases.

Even this relatively small item of WestLab Audio can diperse the sound, which comes to air, when loudspeakers are consequently designed on phase – linear response. There is a clear picture of stereo – decay and if correctly positioned a fascinating virtual stage with all musically content will appear. Many other products will fail on that kind of issue.

Datasheet LABRAT 6p

LABRAT six p