LABLIVE twelve, another item for plug - and - play system integration. The long - stroke 12“ Subwoofer includes a 1.000 W class - D amplifier and a dsp, which is made for intelligent IIR - Room - deemphasing. Whatever the challenge is, this dsp is the solution for almost all issues of deemphasing. On this solid base of the LABLIVE twelve, the selfpowered, full - active systems of the LABRAT- Series and the LABTOP sixfive can operate as high performance satellites for this ultra - compact sub with two high - pass XLR - outs and two full - range links for added solutions. As you know, full active - self powered systems of WESTLAB AUDIO include another dsp each, so the systems can be deemphased with high precision due to sophisticated room - acoustics. All the mechanical parts, carrying the electronics are made for long lasting reliability and guarantee beside intelligent self - cooling highest quality for cost  effectiveness and several benefits in professional surroundings. 

LABLIVE twelve