2x6,5“, HF 1“ Horn

  • full active
  • Directivity 90° x 40° (horizontal / vertical)
  • Max SPL (peak) 133 db
  • external DSP
  • Hybrid
  • h= 207 mm, b= 540 mm, t= 370 mm
  • 18,5 kg

The LABLINE twosixfive is the most fexible product of WestLab Audio. This hybrid element can also used as a single loudspeaker – top, postioned horizontal or vertical. Designed for an intelligent coupling it can be used as an array from taking 3 elements on. A bassreflex – construction of the 6th regularity makes this item work down to 48Hz at -5db. A turnable 1“ horn in the middle of the front is also one share of its flexibility. Hundreds of the passive previous version was used at europe-wide spreaded sport-events in nearly all cases, this high – professional sound – tool is made for. The „twosixfive“ is the typical tool for this kind of rental – company, which is´nt that big yet, driving those events which are not so huge, who wants to support the one or the other conference meanwhile, not changing the loudspeakers at anytime. The LABCON with all the usable presettings is made for setting up that system linearphase – responsible and nearly all copmbinations with the LABSUB – series can be driven, using the accessoiries, made by WestLab Audio.

LABLINE twosixfive