2x5“, HF 4“

  • Directivity 100° x 10° (horizontal / vertical)
  • aluminium body
  • pure array
  • Max SPL (peak) 130 db
  • external DSP
  • h= 146 mm, b= 430 mm, t= 271 mm (ptp)
  • 10,5 kg

The smallest pure array in the entire market consists of a aluminium – body, two 5“ chassis, driven by an active module and a 4“ planardriver, also driven by an active module. Again the size is not in proportion to the achievement potential of this smart designed mini-array. The previous version impressed the audio specialists of the Erasmus – University in Rotterdam, Holland so much, that they could be convinced that this small -size array belongs to the very small number of loudspeakers, which are able to generate a cylindric wave without side-or minor beams and without dispersing combfilters. We call our arrays „pure arrays“, `cause they are able to do, what they are designed for, just in opposite to all of those, who are just building loudspeakers and hang them in shape as a banana, far away from the most important physical attribute of a real array: Building a cylindric sound wave. That´s the reason, why we are convinced, that the definition of „line array“ most of the times, is inflational or, more worse: Wrong.

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