2x8“ TT, MT & HT8" Coax-Planartreiber

  • full active
  • Directivity 100° x 10° (horizontal / vertical)
  • Max SPL (peak) 139 db
  • external DSP
  • genuine array
  • h= 250 mm, b= 665 mm, t= 362 mm
  • 33,5 kg

We call this one „cream slice“. The previous versions, used under extreme climatc conditions in the middle east, showed very awesome how far this system can go, when reliability and high – performance at the same time are required.

One example: Just 16 elements of the previous version in combination with 8 pieces of the previous version of the LABSUB twoififteen drove 5.000 raver mad. Open air. On the beach, nearby the sea. Even daylasting full – power performance under the middle – east sun could´nt bring that system down. It seems to be a mandatory, that this system is nearly distortion-free, no matter, how loud it is... A wellknown american soundengineer in the german Rock´n Roll scene stated a confused article in a german magazine, that he „tried to bring that system to distortion, but it became louder and louder and the sound was just getting bigger and bigger...“

LABLINE twoeight